Neighbourhood Plan

Evidence and research base

This is a list of all sources of evidence and research consulted during the process of putting together the Alsager Neighbourhood Plan. It includes public documents (including national and local planning policies, and reports), and notes of private meetings and conferences attended.

Where the document is publicly available on the internet, the relevant link is provided. In all other cases the documents have been lodged here where they can be viewed by clicking on the item.

For convenience they have been divided into three categories depending on their scope – national, regional and Alsager.


N1 National Planning Policies Framework (Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, July 2018)

N2 The Portas Review – An independent review into the future of our high streets (Mary Portas, 2011)

N3 High Street UK 2020 – Identifying factors that influence vitality and viability (Cathy Parker, Nikos Ntounis, Simon Quin and Steve Millington, Interim Project Report 2014)

N4 Best Practice in British High Streets (notes from the conference attended on 27/7/2017)

N5 WEAVE digital and creative network (notes from the conference attended on 7/9/2017)

N6 [Fab Labs]

N7 [Benches Collective]

N8 [Men in Sheds]

N9 Accidents by Design – The Holmes Report on “Shared Space” in the United Kingdom (Lord Holmes of Richmond, July 2015)

N10 Building for Equality: Disability and the Built Environment [Shared space report] (Women and Equalities Select Committee, April 2017)

N11 Beyond Retail: Redefining the shape and purpose of town centres (Distressed Town Centre Property Task Force, November 2013)

N12 Ensuring the Vitality of Town Centres (Department for Communities and Local Government, March 2014)

N13 The Creative Community Builder’s Handbook: How to Transform Communities Using Local Assets, Arts and Culture (2007 Fieldstone Alliance)

N14 The Grimsey Review 2 (Bill Grimsey, July 2018)


R1 Cheshire East Local Plan (July 2017) – multiple policies referenced throughout the Neighbourhood Plan

R2 Cheshire East Site Allocations and Development Policies Document – Appendix A Draft Issues Paper (2018)

R3 Cheshire East Urban Potential Assessment (2015)

R4 The Cheshire East Borough Design Guide – volumes 1 and 2 (January 2016)

R5 Cheshire East Green Space Strategy (2018)

R6 Cheshire East Housing Monitoring Update (August 2017)

R7 Cheshire East Highway Asset Management Strategy (December 2016)

R8 A review of the creative and digital sector in Cheshire East (May 2015)

R9 Cheshire East Visitor Economy Strategy 2016-2020

R10 Cheshire Retail Study (May 2016)

R11 Cheshire East Cemeteries Strategy (July 2018)

R12 Congleton Borough Council Local Plan and List of saved and deleted policies from CBC Local Plan

R13 Notes from meeting with Adrian Fisher re employment land (12/7/2017)

R14 Highways and traffic – meeting with Rob Welch (notes from meeting on 25/7/2017)

R15 Turning count summary (Crewe Road/Lawton Road/Sandbach Road North/Sandbach Road South) – 1 November 2016 [follow-up data from meeting with Rob Welch]

R16 Meeting with Janey Moran and Marieke Navin, Cheshire East Cultural Economy Team 26 September 2017

R17 Visit to Foxlowe Arts Centre, Leek, – 10 July 2017

R18 Poynton shared space report (notes from visit to Poynton 18/7/2017)

R19 Notes on visit to Congleton town centre (27/10/2017)

R20 Blue Planet building in Chatterley Valley, Newcastle-under-Lyme (example of sustainable logistics building)

R21 CEC Green Belt Assessment Update (July 2015)


Policy and strategy

A1 Cheshire East Local Development Framework – Alsager Town Centre Supplementary Planning Document (October 2010)

A2 Alsager Town Strategy (July 2012)

A3 Report from NAI Erinaceous to Alsager Town Council giving key issues and options in relation to an Area Action Plan for Alsager (February 2008)

Community engagement

A4 Discussions with individuals and group representatives

A5 Facebook comments

A6 Traffic issues from Facebook – summary of issues raised

A7 Architects in Action (report on visit to 2nd Alsager guides on 27/9/2017)

A8 Notes from meeting with Plus Dane (16/10/2017) – in Housing WG report of 30/10/2017

A9 Alsager Chronicle (12/7/2018) “’No Scope’ for extension of full town cemetery” with additional reporting on 21st June and 26th July (reference)

A10a Report from resident

A10b 18 points of historical interest in Alsager (Alsager Local History Society)

Survey results and analysis

A11 Alsager Town Council Community Consultation Report (May 2016)

A12 Event surveys analysis (Sept 2017)

A13 Town centre survey analysis (Oct 2017)

A14 Town centre business survey (March 2018)

A15 Household survey analysis (January 2018)
HS – Key results
Q1.2 Identity – ranking summary
HS summary of comments

A16 Youth survey analysis (April 2018)

A17 Protecting and Enhancing Alsager’s Natural Environment (Cheshire Wildlife Trust, January 2018)

A18 Alsager Estates Agent Survey Results (September 2017)

Statistical data

A19 2011 Census Results – Ward Atlas Cheshire East

A20 Rural community profile for Alsager (parish) – December 2013 [ACRE and OCSI]

A21 Settlement profile for Alsager (from the Cheshire East Local Plan)

A22 Index of multiple deprivation (2015, Cheshire East with disaggregation to wards)

A23 Cheshire East Economic Profile (March 2018)

A24 Alsager Housing Needs Note (July 2017)

Cranberry Moss Pond Report V1